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Who we are

James and Elsie are missionaries stationed in Brazil since 1998.

James is a skilled photographer with a great passion for theology. He is interested in integrating his understanding of God’s Kingdom as   with the craft of photography as way of communicating timeless truths he walks alongside those who have dedicated their lives to the work of responding to the needs of at-risk children.

Elsie is a writer with a great passion for stories. She tells stories because she believes they connect our paths and inspire our actions. She is also a missionary with an even greater passion for the church, the local church, the powerless church, the people of God in the trenches in a world at war with the Creator.

She works as the coordinator of a network of Christian agencies in Brazil called Rede Mãos Dadas. The organizations affiliated to this network come together to increase and better qualify our Christian response to the needs of children, especially children exposed to great risk and who are suffering. Thus, her attention is trained on the plight of the most vulnerable children.

James in his photography and Elsie with her writing, cultivate heroes and heroines. They are those whose lives are filled with light and as they walk they can’t help by shine small beams of light in the dark corners of society.

Working as a team, James and Elsie created the Instituto Lado a Lado (Side by Side Institute) as an expression of their ministry efforts in Brazil. They hear at-risk children’s stories, they tell their stories, they share good stories with them, they bring their stories out to the world. They strive to bridge the gap between needs and available resources so that more children may be saved from harm and experience abundant life. They do this because the Lord brought them to this place and gave them this job, for which they are truly grateful. They do this because they believe Jesus reconciled them to God and gave to each of them in turn the ministry of reconciliation. They believe this is true for every Christian!

For more information on how we think about photography and writing in the context of ministry, see Writing as Ministry and Photography as Ministry.


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