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A Litturgy for Our Children

“Liturgy” in the greek (“leitourgia”) means: duty, public service to the city, implemented by a citizen. So the title for this collection of photos could also be: “A public service for our children.” Então, o título deste artigo poderia ser também: “Um dever público para com nossas crianças.”  The images you will see here represent a part of my photography work executed during 2012 and 2013. Each picture shows children in movement. You will notice that the children are doing well even though they live in poverty and need. I believe this is so because of the “liturgies” practice by adults around them give them zest for life. “Liturgy” means service. And Jesus said, long ago, that whoever served the little ones was serving him! Who are the invisible servants? Parents, adult relatives, teachers, social workers, health care professionals, pastors, Christian educators, good neighbors, etc. I pray to the Father for rich blessings upon their lives!Start by clicking on the image and using the arrow to move forward all the way to the end.